Battle with beautiful cards in this
Action Card Game




Card Tactics × Action

Two elements decide victory or defeat.

Select cards during the "Select Phase" and use them to enhance your abilities in the "Action Phase".

"Select Phase": Pick cards from a list randomly received from your chosen battle deck

"Action Phase": Battle with your cards and reflexes

Grab victory by "the technique of the action game", and "the combinatorial strategic nature".

*The screen is in development

  • Lured in a trap, Large damage by a proximity attack.

    A trap to explode in a chain located in the field, thereby disrupting the enemy. Lured to limit the movement location of the enemy, it gives a large damage at close range attack.

    The state abnormal "burn" has the effect of damage to continue to partner.

  • Pressure your foes with hard to dodge wide-area attacks.

    The amount of damage is inferior to the other, but steadily reduce the HP of the opponent in a wide range of damaging attack.

    Abnormal "freeze" in condition completely blockading movement.

  • Attack reinforcement and Consecutive attacks, Give a mortal wound.

    To limit the opponent's action in the field effect, Give a mortal wound by Reinforcement and Consecutive attacks.

    The abnormal "paralysis" in condition constant probability limiting action.