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Action Card Game

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Card Tactics × Action

Two elements decide victory or defeat.

Select cards during the "Select Phase" and use them to enhance your abilities in the "Action Phase".

"Select Phase": Pick cards from a list randomly received from your chosen battle deck

"Action Phase": Battle with your cards and reflexes

Grab victory by "the technique of the action game", and "the combinatorial strategic nature".

*The screen is in development

The Game using the block chain technology

Your played time is your assets.

The card which you obtained becomes your assets. CryptoAlchemist is different from the conventional game.

High rarity of the card that got in the CryptoAlchemist, you can send and receive to your wallet. The Card can be freely traded in-game market and also the service of outside of the game.

*This illustration is licensed from My Net Co., Ltd., and WILL STUDIO Co., Ltd.,

Without complicated settings in the CryptoAlchemist, you can immediately start the game.

  • The base game is available for free

  • Wallet unnecessary, The exchange establishment is not necessary, The purchase of ETH is not necessary, too

*There are some paid services

  • Lured in a trap, Large damage by a proximity attack.

    A trap to explode in a chain located in the field, thereby disrupting the enemy. Lured to limit the movement location of the enemy, it gives a large damage at close range attack.

    The state abnormal "burn" has the effect of damage to continue to partner.

  • Pressure your foes with hard to dodge wide-area attacks.

    The amount of damage is inferior to the other, but steadily reduce the HP of the opponent in a wide range of damaging attack.

    Abnormal "freeze" in condition completely blockading movement.

  • Attack reinforcement and Consecutive attacks, Give a mortal wound.

    To limit the opponent's action in the field effect, Give a mortal wound by Reinforcement and Consecutive attacks.

    The abnormal "paralysis" in condition constant probability limiting action.

Also use the card in the other game by the "Convert"

Card that you have in CryptoAlchemist and other block chain game, you can use it with other games mutually through NFT converter. *

*It is only a block chain game supporting NFT converter.

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